Eurobond is a forward-thinking company based in Mumbai that produces metal building envelope solutions with specific applications all over the world. Zinc panels, fire-retardant panels, aluminium composite panels, and other cladding materials are offered by our Chennai branch.

With more than 20 years of experience leading the industry and cutting-edge production facilities, Eurobond provides premium metal building solutions that are renowned for their durability, functionality, and performance.



Key reasons to choose Eurobond in Chennai

Eurobond - FAQ

Eurobond has had a strong presence in Chennai for over 20 years as a pioneer in aluminium composite panels and cladding.

Eurobond offers ACPs in a wide variety of solid colors, wood finishes, stone finishes, brushed metals and mirrored finishes to suit any building requirement.

Yes, Eurobond panels come with special coastal grade pre-treatment and UV resistant coatings making them highly weather and corrosion resistant.

As specialists, Eurobond ACPs offer very flat, bendable sheets for creative building envelopes along with options like fire resistance and sound insulation not available with regular cladding.