FlexStone is an India-based company that provides innovative decorative stone cladding solutions for interior and exterior spaces. The company was founded by a group of entrepreneurs focused on developing affordable, aesthetic cladding options that are also eco-friendly and low-maintenance.

FlexStone offers a range of decorative concrete stone cladding solutions including:

Key Features of FlexStone Products

FlexStone’s Concept

FlexStone aims to create positive environmental impact with their handcrafted decorative stone products by

Key reasons to choose FlexStone in Chennai

Customers should select FlexStone for aesthetically appealing and innovative decorative concrete stones that are

FlexStone - FAQ

FlexStone was founded 9 years ago and has been pioneering recycled decorative concrete stones in India since then.

Over 80% recycled raw materials go into crafting FlexStone’s handmade decorative concrete stone cladding products.

No. FlexStone products do not need any additional protective treatments like paints or sealants after installation. Their concrete mix is intrinsically weatherproof and maintenance free.

Yes. FlexStone products are waterproof and can be installed in high-moisture indoor applications like bathroom shower enclosures.