BAB Living

BAB Living is a Chennai, Tamil Nadu based lifestyle furniture company that operates showrooms and manufacturing units across multiple Indian states. Founded in 2008, BAB Living creates passionate and tailor-made leather furniture with meticulous attention to detail.

BAB Living supplies an exhaustive range of custom leather furniture catering to all kinds of living spaces, including commercial and residential. We allow extensive customization in terms of color, size and other specifications. Our product range includes





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BAB Living - FAQ

BAB Living allows customization in leather furniture for color, size, specifications per unique customer requirements.

Yes, BAB Living provides tailor-made leather furniture for restaurants, offices, hotels and other commercial establishments.

As a leather furniture specialist since 2008, BAB Living creates passionate and meticulous designs tailored specifically for each customer.

For exquisite yet durable leather furniture crafted specially for you by a passionate Chennai-based leather specialist since 2008.