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Hogar Controls, a global leader in retrofit home automation, brings Smart Home technology to your fingertips across Chennai. Kodambakkam Hogar showroom launching soon!


 Blinds and Curtains

What Hogar Automations Chennai Provides

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Hogar Automations ​- FAQ

Hogar provides automation modules for lighting, AC, geysers, curtains/blinds, locks, cameras, doorbells, alarms and more – controlled through their app, panels and voice assistants.

No, Hogar’s retrofit plug and play solutions work seamlessly with existing wiring so no need for re-wiring.

Yes, the Hogar app allows remote access and automation control from anywhere globally through the internet.

Hogar Controllers can automate about 150-200 modules/devices while higher capacity units are also available for bigger setups.

Yes, Hogar Chennai center provides dedicated after-sales support, maintenance contracts, extended warranties, and regular upgrades.