The Concept

Brands consistently seek channels to connect with architects, interior designers, and consumers. Simultaneously, designers and customers actively search for reputable brands and building material companies to supply them with high-quality products and materials for their construction requirements.

BuildHQ serves as the ideal platform for the convergence of these three entities: brands, architects & interior designers, and clients.

BuildHQ’s flagship store launched in Chennai in the summer of 2022 and soon will be in all the metros, and sub-metros and as an online engine, eventually establishing itself as the future of how the building industry will evolve.

The Brains behind BuildHQ

BuildHQ is the collaborative vision of Ar. Sunil Philip, Ar. Sidharth Ninan, and Mr. Venkat Laxman. This dynamic trio comprises two architects and a tech entrepreneur, united by the aspiration to construct bridges, both in the tangible and digital realms, among the various stakeholders in the intricate infrastructure, building, and interior industry. Their dream is to establish a democratic, level playing field for communication, information, and commerce, benefiting all stakeholders in the process.



Mr. Venkat Laxman is a Co-Founder and Tech Entrepreneur at BuildHQ. With a background in entrepreneurship and technology, he plays a vital role in steering the platform towards success. His collaborative efforts with the architects and other co-founders contribute to the platform's growth and its role as a bridge between various stakeholders in the building industry.


Mr. Sunil Philip is an accomplished architect and a key Co-Founder of BuildHQ. With a strong background in architecture, he plays a crucial role in shaping the vision of the platform. His dedication and commitment to bridging the gap between stakeholders in the building & consturction industry has been instrumental in the platform's success.


Mr. Sidharth Ninan, another Co-Founder of BuildHQ, is a highly skilled architect contributing significantly to the platform's development. As a Co-Founder, he brings valuable insights and expertise to the team. His passion for innovation and technology is evident in his role as a driving force behind the technological advancements of BuildHQ.



Mr. Shyam, the Chief Executive Officer at Build HQ, is a seasoned leader renowned for his strategic vision and expertise in the building and construction industry. With a dynamic leadership style, he drives the company's growth and innovation, ensuring it remains at the forefront of industry advancements. His commitment to collaboration, technological excellence, and ethical business practices positions Build HQ as a trailblazer in the market.