Emperor Lifts

Founded in 1996, Emperor Lifts is a lift and lift manufacturer located in Chennai. It specialises in the design, customisation, installation, and upkeep of a broad range of lift products that meet different needs.

With over 25 years of experience, Emperor Lifts provides cutting-edge lift technology and designs tailored for Indian standards. We supply certified high-quality lifts manufactured using stringent processes for optimal safety.




Key reasons to choose Emperor Lifts in Chennai

Emperor Lifts - FAQ

Emperor Lifts has over 25 years of experience having started in Chennai in 1996 as a small 5 member team before growing into a leading lift company.

Emperor provides a wide range of residential lifts, commercial lifts for applications like hospitals, offices, malls etc. as well as dumbwaiters, hydraulic lifts and can modernize old lifts.

Yes, all Emperor lifts come with the stringent ISI quality mark along with ISO 9001 certification meeting highest safety and quality standards.

Emperor uses cutting-edge, smart lift technology that offers remote connectivity, touch screens and other modern features along with reliability.

As a local expert, reasons to choose Emperor include quality manufacturing, bespoke customization as per requirements, safety certifications and strong after-sales service support.