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Professional Elevators manufactures customized elevators, escalators and moving walk solutions for infrastructure spaces across India. Established in 1990, they leverage German engineering for smooth people mobility.

Integrating advanced technologies like machine room-less traction, gearless drives, microprocessors, precision door systems to enhance safety, traffic handling capacities, energy savings.

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Professional Elevatores - FAQ

Professional Elevators caters to corporate offices, malls, hospitals, hotels, metro stations, airports, residential societies.

Yes, old lifts and elevators can be upgraded with improved drive systems and mechanisms.

Comprehensive AMC plans help optimize uptime through timely examinations, prompt issue resolution, periodic servicing.

With a focus on tailored solutions, custom sizes, capacities, speed, interior designs can be engineered as per requirements.

Professional Elevators has experience centers in major Indian cities showcasing elevator, escalator product demonstrations.